Center of Babylon for Cultural and Historical Studies

The Babylon Center for Historical and Civilization Studies is part of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies was formed on August 23, 2008, after integrating the Hilla Studies Center and the Babylonian Studies Center. About the stages reached by the research and studying obstacles and developing solutions to them according to the complexity of the research through weekly meetings between the director of the center and researchers, evaluating specialist research and its suitability for publication, holding weekly lectures, and conducting historical lectures and seminars to introduce the ancient civilization of Babylon and the city of Hilla Click Here.

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About the Centre

The Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies is prestigious. It plays an active role at the local and worldwide levels in conveying the intellectual cultural creation of Hilla, the history of ancient Babylon, and cultural communication with the rest of the world's people, spreading creative human thought and openness to various cultures. And to highlight the impact of Hilla's scholars and people on human civilization's knowledge and science, as well as Babylon's. Scientific guidance, specialist courses, resources, references, lectures, and other tools for researchers and scholars. Show cultural and historical landmarks of Babylon and Hilla and create a database for researchers. Community-university cultural and intellectual communication.

The Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies highlights Babylon and Hilla's cultural and historical elements and provides research data and cultural connections between the community and the university. Improving the performance of academic researchers and administrative staff to spread human values and ethics inside and outside the university and conduct research and scientific studies according to drawn plans to highlight the educational and civilizational values of our Islamic and other societies.

The center also aims to participate in scientific conferences and seminars inside and outside the university, to activate the center's scientific research and to introduce its goals and most important achievements, and to provide scientific and technical advice to graduate and primary students through the experience of professors and the available books and documents in the center's library. The Hilla community studies the history of Hilla and introduces its most important literary and scientific symbols through seminars, conferences, and mutual visits. They also disseminate Babylon's heritage and civilizational history in general and Hilla in particular by writing, translating, and printing books on various aspects of Hilla's literary and scientific life. Civilization documents Babylonian and Al-Hilla Al-Fayha's achievements. One of the center's staff's specialized tasks is to follow the printing of books, obtain their deposit number from the National Documentation House, supply the university library with these books to raise students' scientific level, and gift them to researchers from outside the university and centers and Iraqi universities.

The center also supplements the scientific level by issuing a scientific journal. To publish research for humanitarian specialties as a reference for students and to follow up on the museum's works through gypsum images created by College of Fine Arts artists... and contact the local community to collect old documents and maps of the city of Hilla, in addition to purchasing books about Babylon and Hilla to update the library and provide facilities for Library-goers.

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