Administrative Glance:

Spreading cultural openness, acquiring a broader vision, And highlighting the impact of Hilla's scholars and people on human civilization's knowledge and science, as well as Babylon's. Scientific guidance, specialist courses, resources, references, lectures, and other tools for researchers and scholars.

That the Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies be one of the most prestigious scientific centers, actively conveying the intellectual and cultural production of Hilla, the history of ancient and archaeological Babylon, and cultural communication global of the world.

Projects of Cultural Center:

The Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies at the University of Babylon seeks to produce a series of purposeful scientific projects that have a wide cultural resonance. The most important projects of the Center :

Project of Heritage Manuscripts and Historical Documents.

The Hilla Civilization Encyclopedia project, which documents the history of the city of Hilla.

University Heritage Museum based in the Centre's building on the campus of Babylon University.

Enhance research support at the center by publishing books and manuscripts.

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