Center Policy:

The Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies consider one of the most prestigious scientific centers with an active role in delivering the intellectual and cultural output of Hilla, the history of ancient and archaeological Babylon, and cultural communication with global of the world.

Mission of The Center:

1-Presenting a database of Babylon and Hilla's cultural and historical landmarks to researchers. And opening community-university cultural and intellectual channels.

2-Conducting scientific research and study according to plans that aim to reflect our Islamic society's educational and civilizational ideals.

3-Attend scientific conferences and seminars inside and outside the institution to promote the center's research aims and results.

4-Provide scientific and technical help to postgraduate and elementary students through instructors and the center's library.

5-Strengthening the university's ties with the local population by hosting seminars, conferences, mutual visits, and analyzing Hilla's literary and scientific symbols.

6-Writing, translating, and printing books to spread Babylon's cultural and historical heritage related to Hilla's literary and scientific life.

7-The Center published the Al-Hilla Civilization Encyclopedia, which recounts Babylonian and Islamic achievements in Al-Hilla Al-Fayhaa.

8-Studying and collecting Babylon (Hilla) historical records, interpreting them, and maintaining them in the center.

9-Collecting and evaluating Hilla's scientific and literary history with the newest scientific methodologies, disseminating knowledge, and providing access for researchers and others.

10-Defining Babylon's (Hilla) significance in enriching ancient and Islamic civilizations through information sharing.

11-Active contribution to scientific research through the Babylon Center for Human Studies publication, which publishes professors' and researchers' research for the scientific process.

12-Showing Hilla's heritage authenticity through developing a heritage museum.